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Santiago SCL Miami MIA
20 Jul 2022
One way | Economy
27% OFF
Santiago SCL New York NYC
22 Jul 2022
One way | Economy
27% OFF
Santiago SCL Los Angeles LAX
24 Jul 2022
One way | Economy
27% OFF
Round Trip
Santiago SCL Miami MIA
20 Jul 2022-25 Jul 2022
Round Trip | Economy
27% OFF
Santiago SCL New York NYC
23 Jul 2022-26 Jul 2022
Round Trip | Economy
27% OFF
Santiago SCL Los Angeles LAX
26 Jul 2022-30 Jul 2022
Round Trip | Economy
27% OFF

Get Cheap Flights to Chile, Santiago (SCL) from Travels26

Due to its remote location, Chile has been cut off from the rest of the world. As a result, the number of international visitors is not as high as in many other places, and there are regions of the country where you may be the only visitor. There is no immediate risk, and the people are amicable. Traveling around a lengthy country by air or land is simple. Renting a car (with or without a guide) allows adventurers to explore the full 2,700-mile span from north to south.

Book Direct Flights to Chile (SCL)

And when you are looking for cheap flights to Chile, you can contact Travels26 any time of the day. We are here to help you find the cheapest fares without ever compromising your comfort on your journey.

Places to Visit in Chile

With its gigantic area covering numerous sites for visiting, your itinerary will have a tough time deciding which place to write and which to cut down after you get cheap flights to Chile.

The country's capital, Santiago, is a vibrant metropolis. When you book your cheap flights to Santiago, Chile, you can get a starting point for a skiing vacation in the mountains, with the snow-capped Andes as a backdrop. The city, on the other hand, has a lot to offer. Plaza de Armas, the city's central square, is a fantastic site to begin a sightseeing tour. Almost all tourists make their way to the vibrant plaza, which is flanked by popular tourist attractions such as the National Museum and the 18th-century church and has numerous artists and painters.

Easter Island, off the coast of Chile, is a popular tourist attraction that you can visit after booking your plane ticket to Chile. The massive stone heads known as Moai are the islands' icons. The Moai can be seen from a variety of locations. You can head to Ahu Tongariki for a group of 15 lined up against a backdrop of the water.

Pucon, with its lake and volcano, is a famous tourist destination. There are numerous sports to participate in, ranging from horseback riding to water skiing. You might simply spend the day at one of the beaches surrounding Lake Villarrica for a more relaxing experience. These beaches have black sand, which was produced by an old lava flow from the volcano. Beaches have been well-developed, with bars, restaurants, and changing areas.

Chilean wines first joined the international wine market in the 1990s, despite the fact that Chile has been growing wine for a long time. Chile produces crisp Sauvignon Blanc, strong Cabernet Sauvignon, spicy Carménère, bold Syrah, and silky Pinot Noirs from the Elqui Valley in the north to the Casablanca, Maule, and Colchagua Valleys in the center and Maipo Valley in the south. Biking wine tours in Chile have been quite popular in the last decade, where visitors may enjoy the scenery, partake in paired food and wine tastings, and stay overnight in vineyard villas.

Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has been dubbed the country's "culture capital," and it's simple to see why after a few days in the city. One of the most popular cultural buildings, La Sebastiana, the house and gardens of poet Pablo Neruda, overlooks the bay. The house, which was first opened to the public in 1992, has been restored to the state it was in while Neruda lived and worked there.

Delicacies of Chile

It's a must to try the local cuisine after you have reserved your cheap flights to Chile with us. Try empanadas, meat or cheese-filled turnovers, shellfish, particularly from coastal towns, and asados, or grilled meat. During colonial times, Chile is thought to have produced the famed Dulce de Leche, or sweet milk caramel. Many desserts made with manjar can be found in Chile. Pasteleras, as well as Swiss-style bakeries providing torta mieloja (a Napoleon-style pastry with layers of dulce), Brazo de Reine (a Swiss cake roll with caramel), and, of course, alfajores, may be found.

Chilean cuisine varies by geography, with beef dishes dominating in the north and seafood dominating in the south. Empanadas packed with ground beef and cheese, fried and baked, are perhaps Chile's national street snack. Traditional comfort meals include sopaipillas (fried bread), casuela (meat and vegetable stew in a clay pot), pastel del choclo (corn and beef Shepherd's pie), and cordero al palo (whole roast grilled lamb).

When is the Best Time to Get Cheap Flights to Chile?

The best time to get cheap flights to Chile is to book at least 33 days in advance of your desired flight departure date. Now, there are more factors that when considered can help you lower your airfares.

When you are booking a plane ticket to Chile, you will find the cheapest month to be October. And on the other hand, December is the most expensive month. The day of the week can also affect the prices. As of now, flying on a Tuesday can give you the cheapest flight to Chile. And flying on a Saturday will be the most expensive. Your direct flights to Chile can be even cheaper if you book a flight that departs in the evening. And the flights that depart in the morning are the most expensive.

What is the Weather in Chile Like?

Mountains and snow cover a large portion of Chile. The north's deserts are hot during the day and cool at night. The climate in the country's center is more Mediterranean, when you book your cheap flights to Chile from May to August, you are going to witness rainfall. The south of Chile is cold and rainy, especially in the winter.

FAQs about Flights to Chile(SCL)

Yes, you can choose Iberia or British Airways to fly directly from the UK to Chile.
On average direct flights to Chile from the US are around 9 hours and 45 minutes long.
On average, a flight from the US to Chile can cost around USD 228 for a one-way trip to USD 415 for a roundtrip.
Chile is around 14 hours and 50 minutes away from the UK.
The best day to reserve your plane ticket to Chile is on a Wednesday.


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